Nov 14, 2011

Warrior Skill Check: Savage Leap

Last week we checked out the main hand sword skill slot one combo, so today we’ll check out the second slot skill ‘Savage Leap’.

Savage Leap
'Savage Leap' is a great second skill to have with this weapon set. Once you’re used to the three skill combo of ‘Sever Artery’, ‘Gash’, and ‘Final Thrust’, you should have it available. This is actually a great initiator skill to use to open up a fight. The skill description says “Lunge at your foe” which means you’ll be able to close the distance on an enemy quickly so that you can set up your skill one combo. 

It can also be quite useful to come to the aid of an ally who is being overwhelmed. You’ll be able to target an enemy close to them and use ‘Savage Leap’ to literally jump to his/her rescue, hopefully taking some heat off them and back to yourself. 

Another helpful use of the skill is to catch up to fleeing foes. Good for PvE, could be great for PvP. Especially if your opponent has found themselves out matched and decides to live to fight another day. As the Warrior with ‘Savage Leap’ you can decide whether or not this is acceptable (assuming you can get in range to use it). A quick ‘Savage Leap’ will put you right on their heels so you can finish them off, or at least try to slow them down till backup arrives to help put them down for good.

Thinking outside the box on this one, but 'Savage Leap' can even be used to save your life. With Guild Wars 2's combat system, you don't even need to have an enemy around you in order to use a skill. What that means is if your in over head, you could flip a 180 and use the skill to get the heck outta dodge!

All in all ‘Savage Leap’ has a great many variety of uses, and if done right, could let you stand out from the crowd.

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