Dec 15, 2011

Mesmer Reveal Recap

Yesterday was the big reveal for the final profession, and along with it there were quite a few surprises which included interviews and a live Q&A with devs. For all of those whom weren't able to keep up with the downpour of new information this post is dedicated to summing up all of the info regarding our beloved final profession.

First off, if you haven't been introduced to the Minstrel you have got to check him out! For a limited time he can be found on the Guild Wars 2 home page and also here on YouTube. I love ArenaNet's humor and couldn't agree more with luigi55's YouTube comment, "This would have been perfect had the...leak not occurred... :/". And also mettiflo's comment "They [ArenaNet] trolled like a boss !" Yes, on occasion ArenaNet can be the biggest troller and I love that.

After hours of reading everything I could find about the Mesmer my conclusive impression is that it is, for the most part, extremely reliant on its illusions. In a way it parallels to the GW1 dervish and its flash enchantments, using illusions as fodder for its shattering skills. Personally I love the way the Dervish now plays and I am quite excited to see this mechanic carry over. The difference being that the Dervish was durable and relied on toe to toe combat, whereas the Mesmer is squishy and relies on agility, mobility and distance. There are roughly 24 illusions available, mostly tied to weapon skills, but several utility and possibly elite skills as well. For the most part the Mesmer does not deal direct damage, but throws up illusions to distract and deal damage for it, while maintaining a safe distance. The downside to the Mesmer, which balances out its illusiveness, is that if it ever gets caught it will be fairly easy to kill. I am very happy with the diversity of the illusions abilities and can't wait to hear about them all.

Like all of the professions, the mechanics are fairly simple to understand, which is inviting for new and inexperienced players. But it will probably be extremely difficult to master and really get full use of its abilities. Many people have been crying out that it is over powered. I say nonsense. Firstly, none of us have played it and we have no idea what its damage out put is. If it does need balancing then that is an easy fix anyhow as all skills can be tweaked by adjusting their recharge times. Secondly, ArenaNet said not to long ago that the final profession was proving to be under powered in pvp alpha testing. This has me more worried then it being over powered, but again, it should be an easy fix. My main concerns are that it won't be powerful enough to solo PvE (which tends to by my concern with all casters.) or durable enough to stand up in PvP. From the way ArenaNet has handled issues in the past and their vision for the game I am fairly confident that if these are issues, they would be noted and fixed before release.

The core mechanics are its illusions and shattering skills. There are two types of illusions - clones and phantasms. Your shattering skills are used to destroy your illusions, causing an AoE damage or buff.

Clones - An exact replica of the player. Has low health, deals little damage, breaks off any foes targeting the player, causing them to have to decide which is the real player. Their low health and damage makes them more ideal as fodder for your shattering skills. Also a good way to throw off PvE monsters that won't leave you alone or temporarily distract a PvP opponent while you slip away.

Phantasms (hexes) - Phantasms are the new hex. Yes, hexes have returned. Instead of having a hex merely show up in your UI and you having to mouse over it to read its description, hexes will now manifest physically on the battle field. When used a phantasm will lock on to your target and attack it until either the target dies, or the phantasm is killed. There are roughly 12 phantasms that have unique abilities, these abilities closely replicate some of the effects from the Mesmer's hexes in the original Guild Wars. They have higher health and do more damage than clones.

Shattering - You have access to 4 unique shattering skills at all times, when used they will destroy all of your illusions, which is one of reasons illusions are such a huge part of the Mesmer. You will constantly be dishing out illusions in order to monopolize on the AoE effects of  your shatters.

1) Mind Wrack - does damage to nearby foes.
2) Cry of Frustration - gives the confused condition to nearby foes.
3) Diversion - stuns nearby foes.
4) Reflection - places a barrier around the mesmer, which reflects enemy projectiles.

Interrupts - Yep, that's right interrupts are still in GW2. Instead of having skills that specifically cause an interrupt, you have conditions that interrupt when they are applied to a foe. Both confusion and stun are two such conditions. So two of your shatters cause AoE interrupts when detonated.

Mantras (fast casting) - Mantras are basically just a twist on how the traditional skills work. They have very short recharges, but long activations (about 3 seconds). They can be activated before battle and then used instantly whenever you need, even while in the middle of casting another spell. Once used you will have to charge it again in order to use it again, making you vulnerable if done during battle. It's a fun and interesting concept. In a way it brings in a loose concept of fast casting by letting you insta cast a charged mantra no matter what is happening.

Confusion - confusion is a new condition that deals damage to the victim each time it activates a skill. 

Skills (compiled by our friends on Guru)
Here is a list of all of the skills that I have been able to find, some are lacking sources so take them with a grain of salt, but they will give you a general idea what is in the Mesmer's arsenal.

- ? - Channelled beam that deals more damage the further away your target is.
- ? - Roll backwards, creating a clone.
- ? - Cone attack that knocks back foes.
- ? - Summon a phantasm that cripples foes with spinning attacks.

- Chaos Storm - Summon a storm at target location, inflicting random conditions on foes while granting random boons to allies.
- ? - Teleport and create a clone at a random other location nearby. This clone inflicts conditions upon nearby foes.
- ? - Summon a phantasm that attacks its target, dealing extra damage for each inflicted condition.

- ? - Launch a projectile. No recharge. Effects unknown, but appears to be AoE.
- ? - Shoot a beam that inflicts confusion.
- ? - Block the next attack. If you block an attack, split in two with the other you being a clone.

Sword | Main hand:
- ? - Melee sword chain attack. No recharge.
- Leap -  Launch forward, leaving a clone at your previous location.
- Illusionary Leap - Summon a clone, that launches itself forward.

- Warden Summon - a phantasm that wields twin axes and whirls, reflecting projectiles.

- Duelist Summon - a phantasm that uses an attack akin to Unload.

Sword | Off hand:
- Swordsman - Summon a phantasm. (Abilities not yet decided - originally used Flurry, then Dancing Blade.)

- The Prestige - Cloak in a cloud of smoke. 3 Seconds later you appear in a burst of flame, setting enemies on fire.
- Backfire - Summon a phantasm that attacks the target each time they use a skill.

- Feigned Surge - Dart forward, striking foes in a line. When it ends, teleport back to where you started.


- Mantra of Healing - Charge up into an instant heal. (Shortest recharging healing skill in the game, but has a long activation time.)
- Mirror - Heals and reflects projectiles for a short time.

- Decoy - Become invisible and summon a clone in your place.
- Portal - Place 2 portals that teleport yourself and allies between them when entered. Currently lasts for  20 seconds.
- Veil - Create an effect at target location that cloaks allies within it. Become visible if you attack. Veil pulses every 3 seconds to reapply invisibility.

- ? - Transform target foe into a moa bird. (This over-rides even elite forms such as Tornado. Moa birds have skill bars.)

Classification unknown:
- Mantra of Pain - Charges up into an instant-damage power spike.
- Mirror Images - Summon 2 clones.
- ? - Burn target foe.
- ? - Mantra that dazes your target.
- ? - Mantra that removes conditions.
- ? - Swap places with target foe.  
- ? - Draw a line that cripples foes and gives allies a speed boost when crossed (possibly a focus skill).

A big thanks to the GW2 community for sharing, gathering and organizing all of the great information that was put out yesterday. If you want to read more indepthly then check out these links:
The official Mesmer page
The wiki Mesmer page
Guru skill list
List of yesterday's Q&A session


  1. :) sigh I knew mesmer would be the last one but it still feels beastly to finally see them in action :) >.> lol I'm so excited for this game that I already put all the races and the class that corresponds to them on my notepad :). Btw great blog~!

  2. Thanks Lexie. This blog is definitely a group effort. And I think most of us can relate to your excitement and "pre planning" :)

  3. A lot of us are right there with you! I'm sure we all have our lists of characters... I know I do!

  4. Very nice blog !, one of the best breakdowns of the new Mesmer I have read.