Dec 12, 2011

Mesmer Leak Recap

Earlier today the skills video for the 8th profession was leaked by Gamereactor and confirmed by Arenanet as the much anticipated and expected Mesmer. The official reveal will take place this Wednesday on the Guild Wars 2 website. While the Gamereactor post has been deleted, the video can still be found on YouTube.

While we wait for the official reveal, I thought I'd post on what we can take from the video.



Skills (in order of appearance, not official names)

Invisibility Field - a ground targeted skill that hides any ally that enters it.
Freaking awesome, I don't know who wouldn't by excited about this support skill. It's more of a defensive emergency skill, although it would also be fun to use to set up ambushes in WvW etc. We'll have to see if it has any downsides such as removing allies ability to attack while in it.

Scepter Nuke - Fire a purple magic stream at foe.
Appears to also be a scepter skill. It may be channeled (ei. continues shooting as long as you hold down the fire key).

Scepter Shot - Fire a purple magic ball at foe.
Probably your basic key 1 skill for the scepter. Low damage, no recharge.

Illusion Decoys - Summon two decoys to fight beside you. Destroy them for extra AoE damage.
This is a huge skill and may even be tied to the profession specific ability. This skill appears to be used twice. Once with ranged decoys, once with melee decoys. The player can also command it's decoys into battle and may have a toggle skill that destroys the the decoys for bonus damage.

Line of Cripple - Create a line that cripples foes when they cross it.
A must have ability for all players. Use it to get away from foes or catch up to them. Most likely a weapon skill similarly to the Elementalist and Guardian line skills.

Sword Strike - Strike your foe.

Chaos Storm - Create a storm at target area that applies a random condition to foes inside it.
Possibly a staff skill. You can see the foes inside struggling from different conditions such as choking, stumbling, blindness etc.

Stolen Speed - Teleport to the other side of your foes, damaging and/or immobilizing them when you pass.
This skill is used right after Chaos Storm and it is hard to decipher what it does. All I can tell is that the Mesmer teleported from one side to the other, and a visual yellow circle swirled around 3 enemies feet when she passed. One of the foes also takes a sword swipe at this moment, and it may be swiping at the Mesmer, or it may be fighting it's own friends as an affect from this skill or Chaos Storm.

Ignite - Ignite target foe into flames.
Flames typically make me think of an Elementalist, so it was  interesting to see it here. It may be the number 1 key attack for the staff, which would be pretty bland in my opinion. EDIT: It may also apply a random condition and only happened to apply burning in the video, making it a bit more interesting. The Mesmer in GW1 always did chaos damage, so that would be a bit more appropriate.

Illusion Decoys - See above.

Teleport Field - Create two ground targeted black holes that allow you to teleport from one to the other.
While this is an exciting skill, it is not much different from the thieves shadow stepping and shadow shot abilities, Ele's also have skills like Ride the Lightning that allow them to teleport. I am very excited to read more about the Mesmer's variation of teleporting. How far apart will they work? Can we teleport friends? 

Greatsword Blast - Blast your foe with purple magic.
I am really happy to see a caster with a greatsword. With all the purple and butterfly effects it's good to have something that is a little more manly. This blast is pretty similar to the scepter nuke.

And here's the video.


  1. I'm not sure that the "Ignite" is a skill. I thought it was a random condition (like the Poison) that the Chaos Storm applied.
    Given that in the original GW, Mesmers dealt with Chaos magic, I'd expect to see some kind of random element to at least some of their skills. We already know that GW2 supports this from the Engineer's Elixirs.

  2. Any chance that Mesmers can wield swords in their off hand? The Charr Mesmer's blade- wielded in his left hand- is huge. Too big to be a dagger, perhaps?

    I agree with Rhysanne. I suspect they work a lot around conditions but don't directly inflict the ones that are the domain of other professions.

  3. Good find guys, I updated that skill. It would make sense if a lot of the Mesmers skills cause chaos damage and applied a random condition. The Necromancer does this with a bit of his skills. Perhaps each profession has a separate pool of conditions that they can inflict.

  4. @dreampen

    Yes, as the Charr is wielding a sword in his off-hand and Asura in main, it is safe to say that Mesmers can dual wield swords.

  5. btw I believe the wall of cripple also applies swiftness to allies or in this case, the asura who crosses it. Secondly I think the charr is wielding a scepter in his off hand, I don't see a second sword anywhere. the weapon is far too blunt for a sword in my opinion; just a long scepter. If you look carefully as he puts away at 23 seconds, the off hand is slim at its base and curves larger reaching the top- very similar to the asura or destroyer scepters in gw1. However, that doesn't rule out the possibility of duel wielding swords, we'll just have to wait till Wednesday to find out.