Nov 16, 2011

The Great Snarkk has Arrived

Hello to all the bookahs out there! Allow me to introduce myself! I am an Asura known as the great Snarkk! I am a certified genius here to allow you to have a taste of my brilliance! Now before we get under way some of you may be wondering how it is I am transmitting my message on your bookah network.

I'll try to keep the details as simple as possible as it is far beyond your cranial capacity but needless to say, I was working on a new G.O.L.E.M capable of acting as a portable Asura gate. Unfortunately due to the incompetence of my assistant there was an accident. All I remember is the G.O.L.E.M exploding and I awoke here in a world full of bookahs!

After establishing a new underground laboratory for myself I quickly hacked into your network you call the internet. All I can say it is a very crude and inefficient system compared to Asuran technology but alas, this is what I have to work with at the moment.

Being the genius I am I've already devised a way to get back to Rata Suum, but I am going to stay in your world as I find this world has research potential! You can expect regular posts from me in the future and should you ever need a superior answer to your problems or want the Asuran perspective I would be more than happy to enlighten you, just send your questions to!


  1. Snarkk, this Bookah finds it interesting that you had to choose a Gmail account as a means of communication. I would have thought upon arriving on the internet you would create your own subdomain called contactmeherebookah@awesome.asura to show your intelligence, or did you leave your genius certificate at home?

    Hope you going to stop using that crude method soon? :D

    Oh, btw still contemplating about converting from bookah to Asuran, but need more convincing :P

  2. Yes well I have been busy making other preparations. And while I could hack the system to do so. It would also have your military searching for me which is not the kind of thing I wish to deal with at the moment.

    Though the probability of a custom domain in the future rests at a high percentage!

  3. Ah, I didnt see this, maybe the bookah technology was too slow to process your message, or your preparations was too much. Anyway good to see you are now active again. Would still like some convincing of converting to Asura!