Jan 4, 2012

GW2 n00b Top Ten

For something a little different, instead of talking about the game or relating a story, I thought I'd try and provide some humour with a list of the "Top Ten ways to spot a GW2 n00b".

The assumption here is that not everyone we'll be playing with has been a rabid fan, following the development with bated breath and latching on to every Facebook post, Tweet or blog entry.  This list is how to spot these people in-game.  So, without further ado, here we go with "How to spot a Guild Wars 2 n00b once we get to play the game":

#10 - They refer to Charr as "Cow-thingies"
#9 -They don't think GW2 is a "real" MMO because they've made it to level 5 without being asked to kill 10 rats
#8 - They spam "Tank LF DPS + Heal" or "DPS LF Tank + Heal"
#7 - They complain about the "lack of content" because they can't find any ! over NPC's heads
#6 - They ask where to get your cool gear and you tell them it's from the HoM -- and they don't know what that means
#5 - They keep spamming "Where do I get a mount?"
#4 - They spend the first 5 minutes just jumping in place
#3 - They roll a female Norn, remove their armor and run around in their undies
#2 - They're bewildered why they couldn't choose Commando on the profession selection screen

and the #1 way to spot a n00b in Guild Wars 2 once we start playing:

They say "Finally!  I pre-ordered this, like, 2 months ago!  The wait has been driving me crazy!"

If you have any others to add to the list, feel free to post them in the comments -- we'd love to hear what you can come up with!


  1. #11 - They scream "you steal my kill"

  2. I can imagine point 6 happening a lot...

  3. #4, only real gw veterans will do that

  4. #4 - They spend the first 5 minutes just jumping in place
    EVERYONE should do this after being stuck to the ground in guild wars 1 for years. plz.

  5. They ask what the best in slot for their class is

  6. #12 They run around and ask what lvl you get access to your talent tree's

  7. 13 they insist on telling you about all the cool new things like centuars that actually overran the village they were in.

  8. #10 Well.. but.. but.. ._.
    #6 What is HoM?
    #4 So...?
    #3 Female Norn = Snu snu

    "#11 - They scream "you steal my kill" So good!

  9. Down for the 5min jumping.

  10. #13 They didn't know you can move while casting until lvl 5 .....or later